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If you are Black, Beautiful, Open-Minded and tired of being confined by biased algorithms that limit your online interactions and control who and what you connect to, BlackLove.Me is for you. Through you can connect to other Black People in your area and around the World who are as frustrated as you about online limitations. Come back often for new leads to sexy, smart, fun and interesting things that our community is up to. We are still adding links to this site. If you would like to suggest a link, contact  BlackLove.Me staff.

Below, you will find some links to some of our favorite people and things.

This page is created by The Punany Poets, so, you will be able to link to affiliated artists as they are added over the next year. Our first feature is Tiara Kristine Harris. Tiara is one of the first Black Internet Models. Today she creates beautiful custom made jewelry and body charms with precious stones. She also creates body-positive soirees for women. READ MORE

Black Travel Ted Talk
Evita Robinson: Reclaiming the globe
Color Blind Ted Talk
Mellody Hobson: Color Blind or Color Brave?
Special Features:


Jessica Holter - Author, Activist, Founder, The Punany Poets

Tiara Kristine Harris - Custom Waist Beads, Model, Expressionist

What Walt Can Do: Walter Maxfield Jones Actor. Writer. Singer, Producer

Dontrella Lez Elegance Publisher, Radio Host, Activist, Owner ATL Bus Company

LE Radio - Community Radio, Norcross, GA

Smoken Words - Open Mic / Production Tampa by Poet Novacane

Coffy TV


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Black Authors: Jessica Holter, Zane, Mary B Morrison, Michelle Antoinette Nelson, (Get Listed)


Black Book Clubs: African American Literature Book Club


Black Healers: 


Black Publishers: Redbone Press, Third World Press, Broadside Lotus Press, Black Classic Press, Africa World Press


Black Lifestyle Groups:


Black Literary Agents:


Black Membership Clubs: New Black Panther Party for Self Defense


Black Shipping: Shoppe Black


Black Travel Groups: Bauce List, No Madness Travel Tribe, Urban Events Global, Travel Noire, Tastemakers Africa, Black Adventurists, Black Girls Travel Too, Passport Posse


Black Owned Venues: Fusha's Enterprises


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Financial Literacy
Mellody Hobson: TedEX Midwest
The Black $ - Credit Stacker App
Angel Rich: The Breakfast Club
Color Concerns Shared

We are sharing some videos we found interesting concerning color issues within our community. If you have suggestions, feel free to share.

The Black Diaspora
No matter what, no matter how, no matter where we came from...

we are all family.

Bauce Magazine

The BAUCE Manifesto: 
Whether you were born in a trailer or grew up in the hood,
had poor grades in school or were just misunderstood,
you have the ability to make it to the top.
Yes, girl, you TOO can make the world stop!
For success is not defined by the history of your past,
the color of your skin or being raised middle class —
But rather by how hard you are willing to work
to be the best you can be and to put your dreams first. JOIN